Those first few days when you bring your new baby home are the most special of all- but also crazy, tiring, emotional and they fly by in a blur.  Families want to capture these magical memories but the thought of leaving the house for a photo shoot that could last a few hours, can be a little daunting.  If you have other children, this may be even more scary- how do you entertain the little ones for a shoot that could last 2-3 hours?!

My approach to newborn photography has changed a lot over the last few years and I have now developed into a style that I absolutely love!  Newborn photography at home captures something really special.  Feeling relaxed in your own environment has a massive impact on the final images.  The images created show you as a family together, connected and happy.  Photographing your newborn is a big part of the shoot, but the expressive images I can capture of your baby with big sisters, brothers and parents, are the special images you and your baby will treasure forever.

Worried about toddlers during the shoot?  The beauty of having a shoot at home means all their toys are on hand and they can be easily occupied.  I love capturing brothers and sisters with baby, but I completely understand there is sometimes only a small window of opportunity before the toddler is bored and fed up of photographs!  I make an effort to include the toddler in the experience and spend time making them feel important!  Toddlers feel really comfortable in their own environment which is really important at this time, when their world has just changed with this new arrival!

Natural, timeless photography capturing real life in a relaxed, unposed way is what my newborn shoots are all about.  Julie (the gorgeous Mum from the images in this blog!) writes;

“When we found out we were expecting our third baby we knew we would want photographs and memories to capture the very special newborn phase, and also lovely family shots with our other children. We’d previously had a studio shoot with one of our older children which gave us some lovely images, but this time wanted everything to be as natural and as comfortable as possible. We loved the option of Claire coming to our home to capture us as a family in our own environment, which we felt was important not only for our newborn baby but for our other children as well, as we know that trying to get young children to pose for photographs is very difficult at the best of times, let alone if they are in a strange environment!
Claire put us all totally at ease, and was so friendly and natural with the children that they didn’t even realise they were being photographed! Claire was incredibly patient and calm, even when our baby needed feeding and settling. Florence was quite unsettled on the day of our shoot which I thought may have had an impact on the images Claire was able to take but I really needn’t have thought that at all as Florence has been captured so naturally and so beautifully as a newborn baby which I think is even more beautiful than sleepy poses and set ups.
These images are so special and mean so much to us, they are such a beautiful memory of this truly special time as a family”.

black & white image of newborn baby yawning

Big brother cuddling and kissing his newborn baby sister

Dad giving his daughter a cuddle

Dad cuddling newborn baby

Dad holding newborn baby up on his shoulder

newborn baby looking straight into the camera

Big sister stroking new baby's head during newborn shoot at home

It means so much to know these memories will be treasured by the family for years to come.  If you are looking for a natural newborn shoot, I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for your lovely words Julie x