‘The photos you have sent across left me speechless, they are absolutely stunning, I can’t stop looking at them all. You went above and beyond for our wedding and I can’t recommend you enough Claire. Thank you again for capturing our wonderful memories in such a beautiful way’

What a wedding!  I knew it was going to be a great one after capturing Chloe & Charles on their pre-wedding shoot.  Relaxed and up for some fun, we had a laugh, and chatted about the wedding day plans. The boys on the stag do had committed the ultimate crime and Charles came home with only one eyebrow!  Luckily, the wedding day was a good few weeks after and the eyebrow had made a full recovery!

After the ceremony at Meriden church, the party headed off in the sunshine to Charles’ home farm in Berkswell. The Marquee looked stunning, decorated with personal details and hanging paper lanterns.  There is something brilliant about home weddings in the great outdoors.  The sun shone down all day and there was a real relaxed, party atmosphere which comes from an informal setting such as this.  Charles had arranged for a tractor with a forklift to raise me up for a fun group shot.  A first for me!

Chloe & Charles make a gorgeous couple and didn’t stop smiling and laughing all day.  Surrounded by family and friends (who were a great crowd, lots of fun!) they had the best day.  It was amazing to be part of it.

Bride having her makeup done on the wedding morning

Brides hands in her lap, engagement ring showing on the morning of her wedding

Bride having veil put in

Bridesmaid doing up necklace

Bride opening a present from the groom on her wedding morning

Bride and bridesmaid dressing gowns

flower girl throwing a frisbee for the dog, wedding morning

Wedding dress details

Father of the bride waiting to see his daughter in her wedding dress

Mother of the bride doing up the brides wedding dress

flower girl sees bride in her dress

Father seeing bride in her dress for the first time

bridesmaid adjusting brides veil

foxgloves growing outside church

Flower girl, holding a heart with gip

Bride arriving at church with her father for her wedding. Open top car

Bridesmaids walking up the path at church, ready for the ceremony

Brdesmaids entering church for wedding ceremony

Bride entering church with her Father for her wedding

Groom looking back at bride as she walks down the aisle

Pew flower details in church wedding

Bride and groom at the alter in church with father of the bride and best man

Balcony view of Meriden church, bride and Groom saying their vows

Bride and groom exchanging rings during church wedding ceremony

Bride and groom kneeling during church wedding ceremony

Bride and groom first kiss, wedding ceremony

Bride and groom signing the register in church

Bride and groom lighting a candle during church ceremony

Bride and groom walking up the aisle

Groom hugging bridesmaid, laughing

Guests laughing with groom at wedding

Bride and groom confetti shot outside church

Bride and groom drinking champagne in front of wedding car

Bride and groom laughing in wedding car

Bride and groom leaving church in their open top wedding car

Wedding sign, we decided on forever

Bride and groom and nephew standing in front of the wedding car

Wedding sign, happily ever after

Bride laughing with her bridesmaids

Wedding table plan

Bride and groom standing close together, kissing in the middle of a field

Bride and groom cuddling, black and white image

bride and groom kissing, holding hands

Bride and groom laughing, arm in arm

Bride and groom walking arm in arm across a field

Bride, groom and mother of the bride laughing

Bride and groom entering the marquee for their wedding breakfast

Father of the groom giving his wedding speech

Mother of the bride laughing during wedding speech

Bridesmaid smiling during wedding speeches

Groom standing up for his wedding speech

Bride laughing during Groom's wedding speech

Guest laughing during the wedding speeches

Mother of the groom getting emotional during speeches at her son's wedding

Wedding toast during speeches

Groom giving speech at his wedding

Bride laughing during wedding speech in marquee

Groom laughing during wedding speech in marquee

Bride cringing at the wedding speeches

Man playing football at a wedding

Group taking a selfie at a wedding

Dad hugging and kissing his daughter, the bride at her wedding

Bride and groom kissing in a field at wedding

Bride and groom at marquee wedding

Bride and groom walking hand in hand across a field as the sun goes down

Black and white image of bride and groom. Groom whispering in bride's ear, bride is laughing

Two guests leaning against hay bales, drinking wine at a marquee wedding

2 women swinging a boy at a wedding

Children on the dance floor at a wedding

Bride and groom cutting their wedding cake

child dancing on wedding dance floor

Man swinging child round on the dance floor

Bride and groom fist dance at their wedding


Bride and groom first dance

Bride and groom laughing as the do their first dance

Grooms hand around brides waist on dance floor

wedding guest hugging bride on dance floor

Wedding guests singing on the dance floor

Black and white image of wedding guests laughing on the dance floor

Wedding guests doing the floss on the dance floor

Wedding guests dancing and laughing at marquee wedding

Wedding guests dancing in a marquee

wedding guests dancing at marquee wedding

paper lanterns hanging in a marquee wedding