As an untraditional wedding photographer, I love nothing more than a wedding that is a little bit different.  With so many options for couples planning their wedding, there has never been a better time to plan an original wedding that reflects who you are and what you love.

Kelly & Levi planned the perfect day for them and their guests.  I don’t know anyone else that parties like these two (i’m quite jealous!).  Avid festival goers, they are always out and about, attending gigs and just having a great old time.  I have known them for a good few years now and I knew their wedding would be something special.  I was so excited to be asked to photograph their wedding- and boy was it a brilliant day!

After their wedding ceremony in the beautiful Dovecote Barn, formalities were out the window!  There was a brilliant party atmosphere, guests relaxed, drinks flowed and the music and dancing began before dessert was served. Tipi’s are amazing places for a party.  They look stunning and bring everyone together, creating an atmosphere unlike any other type of wedding.  I stayed well into the dancing and as I left, people were eating cones of chips and sitting on straw bales next to the fire pits.  A perfect end to an amazing day!

What about the weather?  The great British weather is unpredictable, I will give you that.  It rained (poured down at one point!) but no one cared!

Bride opening prosecco on wedding morning

guests walking to the tipi at dovecote Barn

Bride & Groom laughing as cake falling at wedding

bridesmaid helping bride into wedding dress

Bride having her wedding makeup done

guests walking into wedding ceremony under umbrellas in the rain

Bride & Groom first married kiss during wedding ceremony at Dovecote Barn

bridal bouquet made from buttons

bride sitting in lounge, waiting to go to her wedding

Bride greeting guests after wedding ceremony

Bride & Groom kissing outside by fairy lights at Dovecote Barn

Gold leaf tiara and earrings

Bride & Groom, exchanging wedding rings during wedding ceremony at Dovecote Barn

Guests walking to the tipi for wedding reception at Dovecote Barn

Bride & Groom laughing, cutting the wedding cake

Bride & Groom kissing outside barn doors

Wedding dress hanging from the stairs

bride & bridesmaid on the morning of wedding

Dog sitting at the front of the wedding ceremony

Bride chatting to guests, photographed through the window

Tipi at Dovecote Barn

Guests posing on dance floor, tipi wedding

Bride walking with guest at wedding

group of bridesmaids

Bridesmaid having her hair done for the wedding

black & white image of bride laughing

bridesmaid hugging bride after opening a gift

Bride greeting guests after wedding ceremony at Dovecote Barn

Bride & Groom kissing at Dovecote Barn

bridesmaids laughing at backcombed hair

guests dancing, black & white image

Guests playing around during the wedding breakfast

Bride & Groom walking holding hands at Dovecote Barn

Bride & Groom kissing outside, at Dovecote Barn

Bride & Groom dancing first dance at Dovecote Barn

bridesmaid doing up wedding dress

guests on the dancefloor, tipi wedding

girl playing with dog on the grass at a wedding at dovecote Barn

Bride & Groom at Dovecote Barn

fire pit at an outdoor wedding

I would love to hear from you if you are planning your wedding!