This fantastic, black tie wedding was the perfect, summer, fun filled day that couples dream about.  Set at the beautiful Wood Norton, their day was relaxed, with guests spending time on the patio and lawns in the spectacular August sunshine.  Phoebe & Dan make a gorgeous couple, they are so in love and their happiness shines through- they are always laughing!  This pair could have turned up for their wedding day wearing bin bags and they would have still looked glam!  As it happened, they both looked stunning.  With the boys dressed in black tie, they added a cool, modern twist into wedding attire.  Phoebe looked absolutely beautiful in BOTH of her wedding dresses- one she wore for most of the day and then a surprise change for the party!

Phoebe & Dan had a great bunch of family and friends there to celebrate their day with them.  Lots of laughter, banter and hilarious antics going on- especially when ‘the mystery guest’ turned up!  Phoebe had planned the surprise entertainment and it was amazing to watch.  Watching one of the Groomsmen get hypnotised was the funniest thing I have seen at a wedding for a while and it’s brilliant for me to capture the reactions of everyone!

One thing I loved about this wedding was that Phoebe and Dan both had Grandparents there to celebrate their day with them.  I was really touched by this, they are obviously close to them and you could see it meant everything for them to be a part of their day.  It really reminded me what I love most about weddings- the emotional connections between people.

Phoebe & Dan- I loved being part of your amazing day!

Bride arriving in the car at church for her wedding

black and white image of bride, emotional as she opens a present

Bride and groom at the wood Norton wedding

Bride and her Grandma at the wood norton

Bride and bridesmaids at the wood Norton, Evesham

Black and white image of bride and groom standing close with foreheads together at the wood norton

Bride and groom at the wood norton wedding

Groom and best man at the front of church, waiting for the bride

Groom being picked up by Groomsmen at wood Norton wedding

Bride and groom laughing as they cut their wedding cake at the wood norton

Guests doing shots at the wood norton, evesham

Bride walking down the aisle with her Dad

Guests dancing at wedding reception, the wood norton

Bride laughing during wedding speeches at the wood norton, evesham

Bride and Groom standing together in the line of trees at The wood norton

Guests at wedding watching a magician at the wood norton

bridesmaid hugging an emotional bride

Bride and groom exchanging wedding rings

Groom and Groomsmen at The wood norton

WeddingWedding guests on the swing at the wood Norton