As you walk around your chosen wedding venue, dreaming of your perfect day, I am sure you imagine yourselves having photographs take together- capturing the two of you alone in the grounds of your setting.

Most venues offer great natural backdrops- gardens, walls, trees and doors can all look fantastic as the scene in your images.  I have a very natural approach to couple shots.  We take a walk and I creatively use the setting to capture you as you enjoy some time alone together- often laughing and chatting about the craziness of your day so far!

What if outdoor space is limited at your wedding venue?

Sometimes options around your venue are limited and it’s great to think outside the box and plan for this in advance. Emma & Tony did just that for their wedding last year.  They chose a hall for their reception which Emma worked her magic on and it looked stunning with all the creative details she had decorated it with.  The grounds were very small and offered no where for couple photographs.  Emma & Tony had seen Chesterton Windmill in Leamington Spa, not too far away from their venue.  They decided to plan a drive out there for some couple photographs after their Solihull wedding ceremony.  WOW- I am so glad they did- such a beautiful place for some gorgeous photographs of the two of them together.

Bride & Groom laughing, in a field

Bride & Groom kissing in a field

Bride and groom holding hands, walking towards a windmill

Bride & Groom kissing with windmill in the background

Groom catching bouquet thrown by Bride, walking towards a windmill

Bride and Groom holding hands, walking towards windmill

Bride & Groom kissing under windmill

Bride & Groom standing together under windmill

Bride & Groom walking next to Windmill

Bride & Groom kissing under windmill

Bride & Groom standing at the foot of Chesterton windmill

Bride & Groom cuddling

Bride & Groom leaning against windmill. Bride's veil is blowing in the wind

Bride & Groom walking across a field. Bride & groom are holding hands. The Groom is holding the bouquet and Bride's shoes

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